What Was The Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement

Paragraph 20: “Helping governments in the region develop their natural resources, particularly agricultural resources, and their basic industrial potential, including technical assistance and limited economic assistance.” The Mutual Defence Support Act created the Mutual Assistance Program, which became an integral part of the federal government`s policy to curb Soviet expansion. This program differed from the Lend Lease program of the Second World War in that it had never required a refund from the country receiving military assistance. Between 1950 and 1967, $33.4 billion in supernumerary weapons and services and armaments were released under the program, worth $3.3 billion. Pakistan`s cooperation agreement with Turkey has eluded the promotion of regional defence agreements by the United States. Pakistan`s decisions to sign a cooperation agreement with Turkey and a defence mutual aid agreement with the United States were evidence of its increased participation in a common front against communism. We support the sustainability of the current Afghan government through technical assistance and loans from the Export-Import Bank. Export-Import Bank recently agreed to extend a new $18.5 million development loan to Afghanistan. The recent agreement between the United States and Pakistan on defence assistance is an important step in establishing full cooperation between Pakistan in the event of a general war. We recently signed an agreement with Afghanistan under which the United States provides 12,000 tonnes of wheat and wheat flour to deal with an impending food shortage in Afghanistan. The assistance is provided in accordance with Section 550 of the Mutual Security Act of 1951, as amended6, which authorizes the use of MSA credits to finance the acquisition of surplus agricultural raw materials in the United States. Given the competing interests of the two interests concerned, tensions in Pak-US relations could inevitably be expected. The United States has sought to extend its containment policy and the aid was aimed at protecting non-communist countries from the aggression of communism.

But for Pakistan, it was all about increasing its military and economic capabilities vis-à-vis India. Pakistani leaders have focused on the security of Pakistan, which has been threatened many times by India. Second, they thought that the United States could help resolve the Kashmir conflict by pressuring India to hold a referendum in the region.