Trek Dealer Agreement

Trek is also working on a certified mechanics program and more programs to enhance the customer experience when they go to the store. And the best-certified distributors will likely see better integration opportunities in future sales and service programs, online or otherwise. By using the Trek Bicycle Store website, you have a say in this privacy policy. If you do not accept this policy, do not use our website. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. It is your responsibility to review this directive from time to time in order to be familiar with the changes. At the beginning of the directive, we will endeavour to publish the date on which it was last updated. For any other questions, you can email us Trek takes the risk of inventory, so they get money back from bike dealers to cover that inventory risk. REI has long sought a great bike brand that could offer it on all sites. However, no major brand was willing to risk the wrath of their independent distributors near REI sites.

Trek sells bikes online and through a network of dealers in the United States and stores supplied by distributors in other countries. The 41-year-old company, based in Waterloo, Wis., sells bicycles in 16 European countries and nine other countries, including Brazil, China, Japan and Mexico. Sites outside the United States display product prices and drive buyers to a reseller for purchases. Last year, Trek added a driver to its dealer contracts that outlines the process and requirements of its new e-commerce strategy, Bjorling says, and its dealers are on board. “While we had a number of retailers with concerns and questions, we didn`t lose a single distributor after the launch of our e-commerce platform,” he says. Bjorling declined to comment on whether the dealership agreement specifically prohibited trek from shipping bicycles directly to consumers. The loop team was tasked not only with updating to allow consumers to adapt and purchase, but also for incorporating details about individual distributors to allow customers to choose the optimal reseller, says Joe Woods, President of the Loop. In addition, as part of the program, the bike currently HAS are shipped to a dealer. So even if the customer sees no value in you to be there, they still have to go, at that point you get your 32 margin. “We had to make sure that all this reseller information – location, Google Maps and support services – was visible on Trek`s website,” says Woods.